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Meet Nataliya, an international, award-winning belly dance performer, instructor, and event producer. She is the owner and director of ROBD studio, currently and for the last 11 years residing in beautiful San Diego County.

Her strong dance background started with 8 years of training under Martha Georgiyevna Kyrokozova, the prominent Ukrainian choreographer from Alchevsk, Ukraine. Performing in “Solnyshko,” the youth dance collective (Lugansk), she developed a strong affection for classic ballet and folkloric routines, as well as gained her first group performer experience. She was a leading dancer for a number of years.

At the same time, while she was working towards her dream of getting a teaching degree. Lugansk Teacher’s Training (Pedagogical) University has provided well rounded, 5 years educational program that allowed her to become a true professional in the field. Nataliya got her Master’s Degree in teaching, with a specialty in Russian and English languages and foreign literature. She continued her career as an educator.  


In 2006 Nataliya was introduced to the art of Raqs Sharki, Arabic Dance. The very first class she took from Irina Shaporenko ( Lugansk, Ukraine) had a major influence on her decision to continue and stay an active trainee and performer for the years after in the collective created by Irina Shaporenko. Currently, “Raisan” studio, Ukraine.


She stayed a successful, competitive dancer in Ukraine till 2009, when she departed for the USA. The number of her victories as part of the group in regional competitions gave her the strength and courage to continue as a soloist dancer. 


She did not wait long as her first soloist win came quickly. She was placed first in Improvisation category, 2008 ( “The Pearl of East”), and she got second in Classic Egyptian 2010 (“ The Pearl of East,” Lugansk, Ukraine).


Nataliya’s latest achievements are the Belly Dancer of the Universe, Global, 2022,  2nd place Props category, and Belly Dancer of the Universe, Regional, 2022, Gold in Creative category. South of California.

In 2011 she established her first dance studio in Chula Vista, San Diego County. The studio quickly grew and became successful by offering a variety of belly dance classes, workshops, and taking part in presentations, productions, and competitions. 


The studio grew as a recognized industry leader in teaching the art of Arabic Dance, Classic Egyptian, Egyptian and Non-Egyptian Folklore, as well as Fusion Belly Dance.

Now Nataliya continues her career and welcomes all lovers of Middle Eastern dance to her studio to share space in the spirit of dance. Her classes are designed for students of all levels, ages, shapes, and genders, as well as provides personalized tutorials for competitive dancers.

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